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Complex incomes lead to majority of high net worth borrowers facing mortgage rejection

Published: April 9, 2024 by Jennifer Armstrong

A lender rejecting your mortgage application can be stressful and time-consuming, and it might even mean you miss out on buying your dream home. A survey has found that most high net worth individuals aren’t securing their preferred mortgage. Read … Continue reading

Investment market update: March 2024

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

While inflation continues to be a challenge for many economies, there are positive signs in the UK and around the world. Read on to find out what may have affected stock markets and your investment portfolio in March 2024. Remember, … Continue reading

3 valuable ways business owners could extract profits

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

As a business owner, deciding how to extract profits from your firm could be a crucial decision. It may affect your tax liability and that of your company. Read on to understand three essential ways you could take money from … Continue reading

Could you face an unexpected bill now the Capital Gains Tax allowance has halved?

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

The gains you can make before potentially paying Capital Gains Tax (CGT) have halved for the 2024/25 tax year. If you plan to dispose of assets, the change could affect you. Read on to find out when you could be … Continue reading

The announcement of the new UK ISA marks 25 years of tax-efficient savings

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Since they were introduced in 1999, ISAs have become a finance staple for many households thanks to providing a tax-efficient way to save and invest. As ISAs turn 25, chancellor Jeremy Hunt unveiled plans to launch a new UK ISA … Continue reading

Retirement planning: Bringing together your goals and finances

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Effective retirement planning often involves weaving together lots of different threads. As you think about your retirement, you might be unsure how to bring everything together, but a bespoke financial plan could put your mind at ease. Over the last … Continue reading