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Why interest rates could start to rise in 2022 and what it means for your mortgage

Published: August 4, 2021 by Jennifer Armstrong

Low interest rates have made borrowing money cheaper than ever, but interest rates could start to rise in the next 12 months. If you’re paying off a mortgage, it could affect your outgoings and the full cost of borrowing. We’ve … Continue reading

Could you pay your mortgage following a financial shock?

Published: June 2, 2021 by Jennifer Armstrong

When you take out a mortgage, banks will assess the affordability to ensure you can continue to meet repayments. However, it’s impossible to know what’s around the corner. If a financial shock affected your income, would you be able to … Continue reading

Why you should overpay your mortgage with pandemic savings

Published: April 19, 2021 by Jennifer Armstrong

The pandemic has meant some families have been able to save more. Those that have continued to work during the last year are often finding their outgoings have been lower and they now have more cash put to one side. … Continue reading

Everything first-time buyers need to know about the 95% mortgage guarantee scheme

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

The challenges of getting on the property ladder have made headlines for years. In March’s Budget, chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled a new scheme that could be a lifeline for first-time buyers. It will help aspiring homeowners purchase properties with just … Continue reading

First-time buyers, have you considered financial protection? The risk could be higher than you think

Published: March 15, 2021 by Jennifer Armstrong

As a first-time buyer, there are lots of expenses going out. You may have put off taking out a financial protection policy because of this, or you may think it’s not important. However, the risks could be much higher than … Continue reading