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Landlords: Discover the pros and cons of increasing rent as interest rates soar

Published: March 22, 2023 by Jennifer Armstrong

Many landlords are facing a dilemma – should you increase the rent of your properties? As interest rates have increased in the last year, many landlords have faced increased outgoings. Interest rates on buy-to-let mortgages tend to be higher, so … Continue reading

Missing financial protection triggers could leave you vulnerable to shocks. Find out why here

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

The decision to take out financial protection is often triggered by significant life milestones. However, research suggests that the cost of living crisis and changing lifestyles mean many families are overlooking the importance of a financial safety net.  Financial protection … Continue reading

Explained: The 4 main asset classes that could form part of your portfolio

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

You may have come across the term “asset class” when reviewing your finances or investing, but what does it mean? And which asset class suits your goals?  In finance, asset class is often used to describe a group of investments … Continue reading

5 inaccurate expert predictions that prove why you shouldn’t try to time the market

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

When you look at investment performance with the benefit of hindsight, you may think you could predict how markets will move. Yet, markets are unpredictable and expert forecasts prove how difficult timing the market is. Every investor has heard the … Continue reading

5 practical things to check as part of a financial midlife MOT

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Rishi Sunak is reportedly drawing up plans to provide a “midlife MOT” to assess the financial health of workers and retirees. Taking stock of your finances in your 40s and 50s could lead to greater financial freedom in the future. … Continue reading