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6 things to check on your credit report before applying for a mortgage

Published: October 13, 2020 by Jennifer Armstrong

The property market might be affected by the impact of Covid-19 at the moment, but some things remain the same. If you’re hoping to buy a home, a lender will use your credit report when assessing your application. Before applying … Continue reading

Financial planning week: 10 steps to take before New Year

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

This month marked financial planning week, which aims to showcase the benefits of financial planning, from the financial gains to improved wellbeing. To celebrate this, we’ve got a checklist of steps you should take before 2020 ends to ensure you’re … Continue reading

5 steps the self-employed should take to prepare for retirement

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

More people are becoming self-employed and it’s a step that’s been linked to improved wellbeing. But it can mean your financial security falls, particularly when looking ahead to retirement. For self-employed workers, it’s important to take steps that can ensure … Continue reading

Revealed: The value of financial advice

Published: September 17, 2020 by Jennifer Armstrong

Financial advice can add real value to your life. Our guide looks at the ways financial advice can help you reach your goals and improve wellbeing. From improved financial security as assets grow to confidence in your long-term plans, financial … Continue reading

7 tips if you want to invest in Buy to Let property

Published: September 1, 2020 by Jennifer Armstrong

While property prices may have stalled during the lockdown, early signs point to a recovery now restrictions have been lifted. If you’re looking for assets to invest in, a Buy to Let property can be attractive. Rental yields have climbed … Continue reading