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Investment market update: March 2023

Published: April 20, 2023 by Jennifer Armstrong

As inflation persists, central banks were forced to announce further rises to interest rates in March. Coupled with the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, it has been an uncertain few weeks in the world economy. As an investor, remember that … Continue reading

If your mortgage repayments have increased, you should review your financial protection

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Over the last year, interest rates have steadily increased. If you have a mortgage, it may have affected your repayments, or could in the future. So, does your financial protection still provide the cover you need? The Bank of England … Continue reading

The FTSE 100 reached an all-time high despite recession fears

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Despite concerns the UK will face a recession in 2023, the FTSE 100 hit a record high in February. Read on to find out what influenced the market and the valuable lesson investors can take from the news. The FTSE … Continue reading

International Women’s Day: 5 things you could do to improve your long-term financial wellbeing

Published: February 3, 2023 by Jennifer Armstrong

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is “embrace equity”. While huge strides have been made in improving financial independence for women, there’s still a significant gap. It could harm your overall wellbeing and your options in the future.  If … Continue reading

Average standard variable rate reaches a 13-year high. Is it time you looked for a new mortgage deal?

Published: August 15, 2022 by Jennifer Armstrong

If a previous mortgage deal has ended and you’ve not taken out a new one, you could be paying a much higher rate of interest. If you’re on your lender’s standard variable rate (SVR), read on to find out why … Continue reading