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Someone completing a “landlord signature” on some paperwork.

Landlords, rising interest rates could affect cash flow and your long-term plans

Published: September 1, 2022 by Jennifer Armstrong

If you’re a landlord, your outgoings may have increased this year thanks to rising interest rates and could climb further. It’s essential that you review your cash flow and the effect it could have on long-term plans. A combination of … Continue reading

A hand holding a pen and marking paperwork.

ESG: Can you balance your values with your investment goals?

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

More people are considering their values when making investment decisions. If it’s something you’ve thought about, you may wonder if it’s compatible with your investment goals. But it is possible to consider both values and returns. Environmental, Social, and Governance … Continue reading

Someone looking at investment performance on their phone.

Why taking too little investment risk could harm your goals

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

When you imagine the worries that might come with taking investment risk, it’s probably “taking too much” that comes to mind. After all, you’ve likely heard stories of people that have invested in high-risk opportunities and lost some or all … Continue reading

Investment market update: July 2022

Published: August 15, 2022 by Jennifer Armstrong

The ongoing war in Ukraine, rising interest rates and soaring inflation could be pushing some economies towards recession in the coming months. This uncertainty has caused real volatility in global stock markets. Indeed, 2022 was the worst first half of … Continue reading

Women are investing earlier than men, and it could close the wealth gap

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

The gender wealth gap is a widely acknowledged issue in the UK, particularly in the context of pension savings and women’s ability to retire. Indeed, a report by Now Pensions and published by consumer group Which? suggested that on average, … Continue reading