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Why you need to understand your State Pension entitlement

Published: November 15, 2021 by Jennifer Armstrong

Your State Pension may only make up a relatively small portion of your retirement income, but it’s an important part of it, and so it’s crucial you understand your entitlement. The recent news of underpaid State Pensions shows that many … Continue reading

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Investment market update: September 2021

Published: October 5, 2021 by Jennifer Armstrong

While the direct impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has lessened for many economies, businesses are now struggling with the indirect consequences, such as supply chain issues. From microchips to aluminium cans, firms around the world are facing challenges getting hold … Continue reading

The home renovations that boost your property’s value

Published: October 1, 2021 by Jennifer Armstrong

Spending money on your home can help you create a practical, beautiful space for your family. With more time spent indoors over the pandemic, it’s no surprise that home upgrades are at the top of many homeowners’ agendas. As well … Continue reading

7 steps to take when you receive an inheritance to make the most of it

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Receiving an inheritance can be life-changing. It could provide you with the financial security to pursue your dreams or make significant changes to your lifestyle. However, it can be overwhelming, and you may worry about making the “wrong” decision that … Continue reading

Why money conversations are important for you and your loved ones

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

How often do you discuss your finances? In the UK, talking about money and our long-term financial plans are often still seen as a taboo subject. Breaking down this barrier could help you and those who are important to you … Continue reading