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Investment market update: July 2020

Published: August 6, 2020 by Jennifer Armstrong

Many countries around the world have eased lockdown measures allowing businesses to reopen and resume economic activity. Some positive signs are coming from economic data but there remains a significant level of uncertainty and measures could be reintroduced if the … Continue reading

Financial protection myth: Policies don’t pay out

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Financial protection can provide you and your loved ones with security. However, there are myths that stop people from choosing a product that may be right for them. One of these is that financial protection policies don’t pay out and … Continue reading

3 financial lessons to teach young adults before they go to university

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Young adults planning to head to university this year have faced more challenges than usual thanks to Covid-19. Yet, come September, thousands will still be heading to university and, for some, that will mean independence for the first time. Questions … Continue reading

5 steps that allow you to handle a financial crisis

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Even with careful financial planning, shocks can happen. Often financial crises are unexpected and out of our control, so it’s important to have a safety net to fall back on. However, research suggests that most people don’t feel confident in … Continue reading

5 ways the Chancellor could recoup the cost of Covid-19

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

While the health concerns of the Covid-19 pandemic remain, some of the focus is now shifting to the economic impact. Measures taken to reduce the spread of infection and save jobs have cost the government a huge amount that will … Continue reading

Crypto investors on the rise: Why it’s essential to understand your investments

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

The number of investors holding crypto assets is on the rise. Yet, research also indicates that some of those investing savings in cryptocurrency aren’t fully aware of what the asset is or the risk it presents. Whether you’ve considered investing … Continue reading