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Investment market update: March 2022

Published: April 11, 2022 by Jennifer Armstrong

Throughout March, the war in Ukraine continued to dominate headlines and affect investment portfolios around the world. Many companies, from well-known businesses like L’Oréal and Coca-Cola to smaller firms, have withdrawn operations from Russia, including online sales. Others, such as … Continue reading

What is a mortgage in principle, and how can it help prospective buyers?

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

When applying for a mortgage, being well-prepared can make a huge difference. Although the mortgage application process can be tricky, doing the relevant research and preparing in advance can make the whole process go more smoothly. One step some buyers … Continue reading

6 insightful figures that highlight the challenges first-time buyers are facing

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

The challenges of getting on the property ladder are well known. As property prices rise, young people are struggling to save the deposits they need to purchase their first home and pass affordability checks. These six figures highlight some of … Continue reading

3 interesting pieces of data that show why you shouldn’t panic during market volatility

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Over the last two years, investors have experienced a lot of volatility. If you’ve been tempted to change long-term plans, data can highlight why you shouldn’t panic. At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, markets fell sharply, and investors continued … Continue reading

Why it pays to use your 2022/23 ISA allowance right now

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

The 2022/23 tax year has only just started, but you should already start thinking about how you’ll use your allowances over the next 12 months. It can help maximise your assets. In the 2022/23 tax year you can deposit up … Continue reading

Your older pensions could be delivering “poor value for money”, and it could cost you thousands of pounds

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

If you opened a defined contribution (DC) pension in the 1990s or 2000s, the charges you’re paying could be higher than comparable pensions opened more recently. Between now and your retirement, the difference could add up to thousands of pounds. … Continue reading