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Investment market update: September 2023

Published: October 5, 2023 by Jennifer Armstrong

Economies around the world continue to struggle with high inflation and weakening demand affecting GDP. Read on to discover some of the factors that may have affected your investment portfolio in September 2023.  When reviewing short-term market movements, remember to … Continue reading

40 years of critical illness cover: Could it improve your financial security?

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Critical illness cover has been used to form people’s financial safety nets since 1983. Four decades on, it could improve your financial resilience and provide a cash injection when you need it most.  Critical illness cover is a type of … Continue reading

Inflation has cost savers £113 billion in real terms in the last year

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

High inflation over the last year has collectively cost savers billions of pounds in real terms, according to an Independent report. Have you considered the effect the rising cost of living could have on your wealth? While inflation may not … Continue reading

3 essential factors to consider if you plan to gift wealth to avoid Inheritance Tax

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Figures suggest more families are gifting to avoid Inheritance Tax (IHT). While passing on assets to loved ones may seem like a clear solution, it isn’t always so simple.  More estates are becoming liable for IHT as thresholds for paying … Continue reading

HMRC collects a record amount in Capital Gains Tax. Here’s how you could manage your liability

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

The latest release from HMRC shows it collected a record £16.7 billion in 2021/22 through Capital Gains Tax (CGT) – a 15% increase on the previous tax year. Cuts to a tax exemption could mean CGT receipts might climb even … Continue reading

3 valuable reasons your financial reviews are important

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Creating a financial plan is just the first step to reaching your goals. While you may have carefully set out what you need to do, financial reviews are still essential.   Often, it’s advised that you review your financial plan once … Continue reading