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Investment market update: March 2022

Published: April 11, 2022 by Jennifer Armstrong

Throughout March, the war in Ukraine continued to dominate headlines and affect investment portfolios around the world. Many companies, from well-known businesses like L’Oréal and Coca-Cola to smaller firms, have withdrawn operations from Russia, including online sales. Others, such as … Continue reading

Investment market update: February 2022

Published: March 8, 2022 by Jennifer Armstrong

Throughout February, tensions between Russia and western countries caused concern for investors. As Russia invaded Ukraine, stock markets around the world fell and it’s expected that volatility will continue. If you’re an investor, remember to keep a long-term outlook when … Continue reading

Investment market update: January 2022

Published: February 9, 2022 by Jennifer Armstrong

While many countries have now eased Covid-19 restrictions, the knock-on effects of lockdown continue to affect economies, businesses, and households. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), inflation in the 38 richest countries has reached 5.8% – … Continue reading

Investment market update: December 2021

Published: January 5, 2022 by Jennifer Armstrong

As 2021 drew to a close, the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences continued to affect economies. The first case of the Omicron variant was reported in South Africa at the end of November 2021. It quickly spread and some counties … Continue reading

Investment market update: November 2021

Published: December 7, 2021 by Jennifer Armstrong

A new variant of Covid-19, dubbed “Omicron”, is affecting some countries around the world, and it could lead to further restrictions in the coming months. The variant comes as supply chain issues caused by the pandemic continue to affect businesses … Continue reading