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Revealed: A long-term investment strategy could be key to beating inflation

Published: May 9, 2023 by Jennifer Armstrong

Over the last year, you may have been affected by soaring inflation, rising interest rates, and volatile market conditions. The good news is that research shows a long-term investment strategy could help you grow your wealth despite a challenging environment.  … Continue reading

Why a hands-off approach could make sense when you invest

Published: January 4, 2023 by Jennifer Armstrong

While it can be tempting to actively monitor and manage your investments, taking a back seat could lead to better outcomes.  There’s a saying that “the best investors are dead” because they’re not tempted to try and time the market. … Continue reading

Behavioural finance: The effect of psychology on investors

Published: October 13, 2022 by Jennifer Armstrong

You should base financial decisions on logic and facts. But psychology can have a much larger effect than you think, and it can lead to you making decisions that aren’t right for you. Read on to find out more about … Continue reading

Someone completing a “landlord signature” on some paperwork.

Landlords, rising interest rates could affect cash flow and your long-term plans

Published: September 1, 2022 by Jennifer Armstrong

If you’re a landlord, your outgoings may have increased this year thanks to rising interest rates and could climb further. It’s essential that you review your cash flow and the effect it could have on long-term plans. A combination of … Continue reading

A hand holding a pen and marking paperwork.

ESG: Can you balance your values with your investment goals?

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

More people are considering their values when making investment decisions. If it’s something you’ve thought about, you may wonder if it’s compatible with your investment goals. But it is possible to consider both values and returns. Environmental, Social, and Governance … Continue reading