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Investment market update: May 2022

Published: June 8, 2022 by Jennifer Armstrong

Investment markets in May experienced volatility amid concerns that economies could fall into a recession as inflation pressure remains high. While you may be worried about the volatility your investments have experienced, keep your long-term goals in mind. A long-term … Continue reading

Do you have a poor credit score? It doesn’t mean home ownership is out of reach

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Credit scores are used by mortgage lenders to assess the risk you pose. However, a poor credit score doesn’t automatically mean you can’t take out a mortgage to purchase a home. According to a survey published in MoneyAge, poor credit … Continue reading

8 useful questions to ask when you’re viewing a property

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

When you’re viewing a property, there’s a lot to take in. You may be trying to weigh up if it’s worth the asking price, if it’s the right size for your family, and keeping an eye out for signs of … Continue reading

8 key tax allowances have shrunk by 6% in the last decade

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Key tax allowances like the Personal Allowance and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) annual exempt amount can help your money go further. As research shows that overall tax allowances have been cut, it’s more important than ever to understand what allowances … Continue reading

52% of savers don’t understand the effects of inflation, and millions think they’ll be better off. Here’s why it can harm your savings

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Inflation has been in the news for months now, as the rate increases. While you may notice the effects inflation has on the price of goods when you visit the supermarket, it can be more difficult to understand how and … Continue reading

The minimum pension contribution may not be enough. Here are 3 reasons to increase your contributions

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Pension auto-enrolment means that if you’re employed you’ve likely been automatically enrolled into a pension and contributions are deducted from your pay. However, the minimum contributions may not be enough to secure the retirement you want, and the sooner you … Continue reading