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Investment market update: May 2023

Published: June 21, 2023 by Jennifer Armstrong

Economies and businesses still face challenges, but statistics indicate some of the pressure, including rising inflation, is starting to ease. Read on to find out what affected investment markets in May 2023. Remember, you should have a long-term outlook when … Continue reading

As interest rates soar, should you remortgage your home in 2023?

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Interest rates have increased over the last year as the Bank of England (BoE) tries to slow the pace of inflation. If your current mortgage deal has ended or expires soon, you may be wondering if you should search for … Continue reading

5 practical steps to speed up buying or selling property

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

It’s often said that buying property is one of the most stressful experiences. Delayed timescales and uncertainty about when you’ll get the keys play a role in this. Research shows the process has gotten slower since 2008. Read on to … Continue reading

Why inaction is a crucial part of successful investing

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

When you think about investing, it’s probably the actions you take that come to mind. That could be researching a fund or actively investing in a company by purchasing shares. However, the steps you don’t take are just as important … Continue reading

Pensions v ISAs: Tax relief makes a huge difference to your calculations

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

When you’re saving for long-term goals, choosing the right place to put your money is crucial. It could mean you have far more financial freedom later in life. If you’re thinking about retirement or your later years, you have multiple … Continue reading

Investing 101: Why investing could boost your long-term wealth

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Investing is often a crucial part of creating a long-term financial plan. Over the next few months, you can read about the investment essentials you need to know if it’s something you want to start doing or simply learn more … Continue reading