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Investment market update: October 2020

Published: November 12, 2020 by Jennifer Armstrong

In October, there were signs of economic recovery from the impact of Covid-19. However, during the month, many countries have reimposed restrictions and, in some cases, full lockdown, to stem the spread of the virus. As a result, it’s expected … Continue reading

Will house prices fall in 2021?

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

House prices have been climbing in recent weeks as pent up demand means there’s more competition for each property. Yet, forecasts suggest that property prices could fall in the New Year. The impact of Coivd-19 on the property market The … Continue reading

6 reasons to use a mortgage broker

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

When you’re moving home, it comes with a lot of expenses and you may be looking for ways to reduce costs. However, paying a mortgage broker to work on your behalf can add value and mean you save money over … Continue reading

Revealed: the wellbeing and emotional impact of financial advice

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

It should come as no surprise that we believe financial advice adds real value to the lives of our clients. While the financial benefits of advice are often discussed, the value it can add in terms of wellbeing is sometimes … Continue reading

Balancing investment risk and reward: What should you consider?

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

We know that investments come with risk and the value of your investments can fall. With risk linked to potential rewards, it can be difficult to know how much risk is appropriate for you. When we make financial decisions, lots … Continue reading

Underestimating the amount you need in retirement: How a mid-life check can help

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Do you know how much you need to save into your pension for the retirement you want? Millions of pension savers are underestimating how much they’ll need once they give up work. It’s a miscalculation that could lead to a … Continue reading