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Investment market update: December 2022

Published: January 4, 2023 by Jennifer Armstrong

2022 ended with uncertainty and volatility that’s persisted for much of the year. Read on to find out what happened in December and how it affected investment markets.  Looking ahead, uncertainty is likely to be something investors will need to … Continue reading

Here’s what happened in the property market in 2022 and how it’ll affect this year

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

The economic challenges of 2022 affected the property market, from rising interest rates to reluctant buyers causing demand to fall. Here’s what happened in the property market last year, and how it could affect you in 2023.  Interest rates soared … Continue reading

Why a hands-off approach could make sense when you invest

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

While it can be tempting to actively monitor and manage your investments, taking a back seat could lead to better outcomes.  There’s a saying that “the best investors are dead” because they’re not tempted to try and time the market. … Continue reading

3 key autumn statement changes you need to be aware of for the new tax year

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Last year, chancellor Jeremy Hunt made some key announcements during the autumn statement that could affect how much tax you pay from April. Reviewing your financial plan could help you understand if you’ll be affected and make changes if necessary.  … Continue reading

Does “lifestyling” pensions still make sense for modern workers?

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

“Lifestyling” is a common way to protect your pension wealth as you near retirement. Yet, as retirement becomes far more flexible, is it something that’s still appropriate for modern workers? Read on to find out what it means and if … Continue reading

Estate planning: What is it and why does it matter?

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Have you thought about how you’ll use assets later in life or what you’d like to happen to them when you pass away? Planning for the future with an estate plan now could improve your long-term security and ensure your … Continue reading