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What proposed ultra-long mortgages would mean for your repayments

Published: September 1, 2022 by Jennifer Armstrong

As property prices rise and families face pressure due to the cost of living crisis, the government is reportedly considering ultra-long mortgages.  It’s well-known that house prices have soared in the last couple of decades.  According to the Halifax House … Continue reading

4.5 million people don’t think they’ll pay off their mortgage before 65. Here are some options

Published: August 15, 2022 by Jennifer Armstrong

Being mortgage-free before you retire is a common goal. It can be difficult to secure a new mortgage deal once you pass retirement age and retiring debt-free means you can make the most of the next stage of your life. … Continue reading

Do you have a poor credit score? It doesn’t mean home ownership is out of reach

Published: June 8, 2022 by Jennifer Armstrong

Credit scores are used by mortgage lenders to assess the risk you pose. However, a poor credit score doesn’t automatically mean you can’t take out a mortgage to purchase a home. According to a survey published in MoneyAge, poor credit … Continue reading

8 useful questions to ask when you’re viewing a property

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

When you’re viewing a property, there’s a lot to take in. You may be trying to weigh up if it’s worth the asking price, if it’s the right size for your family, and keeping an eye out for signs of … Continue reading

Interest rate rises lead to fewer mortgage deals on the market

Published: May 26, 2022 by Jennifer Armstrong

First-time buyers and homeowners searching for a new mortgage deal are finding there’s less choice on offer. Following the Bank of England (BoE) increasing the base interest rate three times since the start of the year, providers have pulled some … Continue reading