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The 3 types of tax you need to understand before investing in buy-to-let

Published: July 20, 2023 by Jennifer Armstrong

Investing in property is often seen as a savvy way to boost your long-term wealth. But, if you’re thinking about becoming a landlord, there are three taxes you need to factor into your plans to avoid an unforeseen bill. Property … Continue reading

8 in 10 first-time buyers risk inaccurate information as they turn to social media for tips

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Buying your first home can be overwhelming and with lots of decisions to make, seeking advice can be invaluable. Yet, a survey suggests that many first-time buyers could be accessing information that isn’t right for them as they turn to … Continue reading

3 unlikely stories that demonstrate why preparing for the unexpected can be valuable

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Financial protection could provide you with a cash injection when you need it most. Yet, it’s something you may overlook because you think “that will never happen to me”. There are countless stories and anecdotes that prove the unexpected does … Continue reading

Business owners: Is your firm protected against the loss of a key person?

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

As a business owner, have you considered how your firm would cope if it lost a key member of the team unexpectedly? Key person cover could provide a vital cash injection when you need it most, but it’s something many … Continue reading

The pension gap is widening. Here’s why financial advice could prove valuable

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

The gap between private and public sector pensions is widening, research suggests. If you work in the private sector, it’s crucial you understand how your pension decisions could affect your retirement lifestyle. Financial advice could help you overcome some key … Continue reading

Investing 101: 5 essential questions you need to answer to balance risk

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

When you’re making investment decisions, balancing risk is an essential part of the process. Creating a risk profile can help you understand which investments are appropriate for you. Last month, you read about the benefits of investing and how it … Continue reading