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Covid-19 spurs more people to seek financial advice, but it’s not just for times of crisis

Published: May 20, 2021 by Jennifer Armstrong

The pandemic has placed pressure on families across the UK. So, it’s not surprising that more people are seeking financial advice and thinking about their long-term security. While financial advice can be incredibly useful in a crisis, an ongoing relationship … Continue reading

How inflation can reduce your pension and what you can do about it

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

When you think of risks to your retirement, do you include inflation? It can have a huge impact on your income throughout retirement. Yet, it’s often overlooked when creating a retirement plan. Inflation refers to the rising cost of living. … Continue reading

Investment market update: March 2021

Published: April 19, 2021 by Jennifer Armstrong

During March there were reasons to be optimistic. In fact, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) raised global growth forecasts following Covid-19 vaccination and stimulus package news around the world. It’s now expected the global economy will expand … Continue reading

Why you should overpay your mortgage with pandemic savings

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

The pandemic has meant some families have been able to save more. Those that have continued to work during the last year are often finding their outgoings have been lower and they now have more cash put to one side. … Continue reading

Everything first-time buyers need to know about the 95% mortgage guarantee scheme

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

The challenges of getting on the property ladder have made headlines for years. In March’s Budget, chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled a new scheme that could be a lifeline for first-time buyers. It will help aspiring homeowners purchase properties with just … Continue reading