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Should you take your pension tax-free lump sum to kickstart retirement?

Published: September 7, 2023 by Jennifer Armstrong

When you access your pension, you can often take a tax-free lump sum. While this may seem an attractive way to fund your early retirement plans, there are some essential things you need to consider first. You can usually access … Continue reading

Investment market update: July 2023

Published: August 15, 2023 by Jennifer Armstrong

Data from economies around the world indicate business output and confidence could be slowing. Read on to find out what influenced the investment market in July 2023. Despite some data suggesting there could be a downturn in some areas, the … Continue reading

Here’s what mortgage lenders consider when carrying out affordability tests

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Applying for a mortgage can be stressful. You might worry a lender will reject your application and the effect it could have on your plans. A better understanding of what lenders are considering when making a decision may be useful … Continue reading

Market volatility means thousands of families may have overpaid Inheritance Tax

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Thousands of families may be entitled to an Inheritance Tax (IHT) rebate due to stock market volatility. As the government does not automatically refund estates when this happens, many families could be unaware they’ve overpaid. Overpaying IHT could occur if … Continue reading

Care home fees have increased by 10%. Are they part of your long-term plan?

Published: by Jennifer Armstrong

Figures suggest the average cost of a care home is on the rise. While it can be difficult to consider, some people will need care in their later years and making it part of your long-term plan could provide greater … Continue reading